The NFL’s New ‘N-Word’ Penalty Actually Gave One Player A $25 Million Reward, Retroactively

  • Matt Rudnitsky

There were mixed reactions to the NFL’s new 15-yard penalty for using the “N-word” on the field. But what went unreported was a strange nuance to the rule: If you said the “N-word” in the past, specifically while at a Kenny Chesney concert, you get a $25 million contract.

Yeah, sure, I guess you could cite his 8 TDs or whatever (I could counter with the fact that like 30% of his production came in two cakewalk matchups, but I wouldn’t do that), but after reading this super-accurate headline, I don’t know what to think!

Riley totally would have gotten $50 million if he just killed all of the African Americans at the Chesney concert, instead of just spewing hateful speech at them! What is this country turning into?!

So, congratulations to Riley Cooper, who, we all must admit, has been forgiven by his team. That is very good and means he probably has become a better person. However, he still did what he did, and we still get to laugh at him and watch this video.