The NY Daily News Didn’t Even Try With Their ‘G-Spot’ Cover This Morning

  • Eric Goldschein

The Jets unexpectedly beat the Patriots yesterday (unless your name is Matt Rudnitsky or Cat on the Roomba or this guy Bruce, in which case you totally called it) after a controversial penalty gave Nick Folk another, closer shot at the game-winning field goal in OT.

Geno Smith was decent for the most part — 17 of 33 for 233 yards, and a touchdown and interception apiece. He technically outplayed his counterpart, Mr. Thomas Brady, who failed to throw a touchdown even with his big red zone target back in action. That’s probably why the Daily News went with this cover today:

g spot jets cover


What’s really the joke here? After Rex Ryan told the team not to have sex this week (reportedly not true), the Jets found immense pleasure in finding the G-spot? Watching the Jets was fun yesterday, much like the G-spot is fun? The G-spot, which can be difficult to find, once found, is quite nice? Geno Smith hit his receivers like he once hit the G-spots of every West Virginia freshman lady last year?

Gross, guys. Please, try slightly harder. Whoops, I mean, dig a little deeper. Damn, I mean, make a come here motion with your fingers — ah, alright, forget it. Write better!

You can get this cover framed, by the way.