The Owner Of The Colts Asked The Internet If He Should Sign Ed Reed As A Wide Receiver

  • Eric Goldschein

ed reedJim Irsay is so weird. He’s a prolific talker and tweeter, and sometimes his mouth gets him into trouble (see Manning, Peyton) while his Twitter feed sometimes makes us laugh (see the concept of signing an Icelandic weightlifter as an offensive lineman).

So what should we make of this tweet, which appears to be polling Colts fans on whether the team should sign a career safety — who was just cut by the Texans for being old and not-good — as a wide receiver?

Needless to say, there isn’t another owner in the league who would even pretend to do this — and by this, we mean tweet out polls on personnel decisions. We also don’t know another owner that would sign Ed Reed to be a receiver. Because that’s dumb. But we think Irsay knows that.

We might have found this joke funnier if the Colts hadn’t already blown a first-round pick on Trent Richardson this year. When it comes to the Colts and roster decisions, there are no longer “bad ideas,” just things that haven’t happened yet.


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