The Raiders’ Jared Veldheer Gives LaRon Landry A Run For His Money In The “Inhuman Body” Department

  • Glenn Davis

Remember last year when those photos of an insanely muscular – even by NFL standards – LaRon Landry came out? How awed we all were, even after controlling for post-gym muscle inflation? Well, we might just have 2013’s answer to Landry. His name: Jared Veldheer. It’s possible you’d never heard of the Raiders tackle, who’s started all 32 of his team’s games over the last two seasons. It’s pretty much impossible, though, that you’ll forget him once you’ve seen him. Because Veldheer looks like this now:

(He’s the one on the left.)

While once again we must allow that from the looks of things, Vedheer had just been working out, which makes one’s muscles look bigger than they would in a default state… let’s just say that if, for example, I just got finished working out, my arms wouldn’t look like that. Nor would most other humans’, for that matter. Impressive work sculpting that physique, Jared. The Raiders franchise might be a vortex of lost hope and 4-12 records… but it’s a damn muscular one.

[SB Nation]