The Raiders Might Move To Los Angeles For The Second Time, Also Considering ‘Other Places’

  • Eric Goldschein

mark davis raidersA few weeks ago we discussed the possibility of the Oakland Raiders becoming the Portland Raiders, where all the fans would drink Pabst Blue Ribbon and cheer ironically. Portland is one the largest markets to only have one “major” sports team and the Raiders currently play on a baseball field, so it seems like a good match.

But now it looks like a move to Los Angeles would be owner Mark Davis’ preferred option, other than staying in Oakland. Here’s Davis during an interview yesterday at the NFL Annual Meeting, via

“We’re not done in Oakland. We’re trying really hard, and we’ll see how that goes. But Los Angeles is something that I’ve definitely thought about and haven’t pursued. There are other places as well. Until we can find out if Oakland is real, then I’m still staying in Oakland. If we can get something done in Oakland, I will stay in Oakland…

“What we’ve done is sign a one-year extension to our lease and we’ll play (at the Oakland Coliseum) this season. At the end of this season, we have to determine what’s going to happen.”

Portland is likely one of the “other places as well.” Other possibilities? Las Vegas. London. Oklahoma City? Los Angeles makes sense for the Raiders since they’ve already been the Los Angeles Raiders, from 1982-1994.

It hurts when a team moves. But if any NFL team is going to leave their town for another, it should probably be the Raiders, who have a history of this kind of thing.

Photo via Getty