The Redskins’ Throwback Jerseys And Fake Leather Helmets Actually Look Good

  • Joe Levine

The Pittsburgh Steelers caught a lot of flack for wearing their ugly throwback jerseys last week, but the Washington Redskins shouldn’t received that same hate today against the Carolina Panthers.

The Skins donned their 80th anniversary throwback uniforms this afternoon, complete with fake leather helmets (Read: the helmets are made to look like leather, not that they’re wearing pleather. That would just be stupid.), and wouldn’t you know it, it actually looks pretty good.

Take a look as RGIII models the unis:

Granted, I’m also a fan of the Detroit Lions’ throwback uniforms, but I really like this simple, classic look. I know using these uniforms means no one on the Panthers will be momentarily distracted by scary Native Americans on the side of the Washington helmets, but I’m on board.

I actually wish more teams would go to this kind of clean look full-time, like how the Cleveland Browns have stuck with their classic uniforms all these years rather than putting a ferocious brown blob on their helmets. But that’s just me.