The Saga Continues: Rex Ryan’s Has Weird, Contentious Press Conference, Even After Winning A Game

  • Jake O'Donnell

Geno Smith started last night against the Giants, and it did not go well. Three picks, and one Dan Orlovsky-esque unforced safety. It was about as bad as you’ll ever see an NFL quarterback play. Not only does he not look ready, he looks plain old bad — which, of course, doesn’t bode well for Rex Ryan and his quarterback dilemma (understatement.)

Then Mark Sanchez went down (after being inserted in the fourth quarter, and playing pretty well.)

Then third stringer, Matt Simms (son of Phil), lead the Jets on basically two game winning drives.

If you thought this quarterback crisis couldn’t get worse — you were wrong. Shit just hit the fan, and then the fan fell into a cartoonish barrel of nitroglycerin. Kaboom. Watch Rex explode on reporters as soon as the issue of “starting QB” is brought up.

While your at it, check out Geno’s blonde moment, enternally preserved in GIF format, for all of us to remember when the next guy does it. Orlovsky passes the torch.


[GIF via DieHardSports]