The Tebowing Patriots Shirt Hits eBay, And You Want One

  • Rick Chandler

He hasn’t officially made the team, but Patriots fans can now celebrate Tim Tebow and Tebowing all with the same stylish shirt, available now for pre-order on eBay. But is this an NFL licensed product? Will Tebow sue? Will the shirts end up in El Salvador? (Imagine a rebel army all dressed in these shirts). The answers are shrouded in mystery. So buy one now before all hell breaks loose.

In other Tebow apparel news, you may know by now that you can pre-order a Tebow jersey from the Patriots:

And we know they’ll look like this:

Meanwhile, in case you thought Tebowing was dead, here’s a father and his newborn doing it. This baby was born on Tuesday, and has only known Tebow as a Patriot:

Then, this happened: