The Three Best NFL Regular Season Props!

The Three Best NFL Regular Season Props!
  • Gregg Sussman

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If you’re reading this column, you’re likely a fantasy player. And nothing gets a fantasy player frothing at the mouth like being able to tout individual players. Team wagers are dull and uninspired, but being able to contemplate odds on Colin Kaepernick’s next team? That’s a good time.

We dug through the player props at and picked out the most interesting props for the 2017 season:

Prop: Colin Kaepernick’s Next Team For 2017 Regular Season
Our Pick: NY Jets (+700)
Why?: This is a huge longshot, but we’re not looking at Kaepernick in this situation as a quarterback; we’re thinking he pulls a Terrelle Pryor and converts to wide receiver.

The argument that teams share for not wanting Kaepernick is that he’s not a great quarterback. But there isn’t much debate about his athleticism. If Kaepernick really wants to prove a point, why not convert to wide receiver, a la Pryor, and show off what his 6’4″, 230-pound frame can do as a pass-catcher? And if any team needs a wide receiver right now, it’s the Jets.

Prop: How Many Browns QBs Will Play In The Regular Season?
Our Pick: Under 3.5 (-160)
Why?: Look, it’s not a very enticing wager with amazing odds, but it’s the smart one. DeShone Kizer being named the starter eliminates the need for him to replace Kessler or Osweiler in Week 4. So we knock off one quarterback change right off the bat.

Let’s say Kizer struggles and the Browns bring in Osweiler. He plays 4-5 games and gets hurt, so in comes Kessler. A few weeks later, Kessler struggles, and…a more mature Kizer is brought back in .

This assumes that the starter struggles, the backup struggles, and a player is hurt. And we still hit the under.

Again, not the most fun, big-money wager, but it’s one of the best.

Prop: Total TD Passes By Tom Brady In The Regular Season
Our Pick: 36 or more (+250)
Why?: Rob Gronkowski is healthy — and if he stays that way, it’s an easy 12 touchdowns.

Brandin Cooks has scored 17 touchdowns combined over the last two seasons with the Saints. And the Patriots haven’t really had that true No. 1 wide receiver, capable of scoring touchdowns in bunches, since Randy Moss. Cooks is not Moss, but he fits that mold better than wide receivers in seasons past. If you pencil in Cooks for eight touchdowns, we’re already up to 20.

Factor in five each for Amendola, Mitchell, and Hogan, and we have 35. All we need now is one from the cadre of pass-catching backs the Pats now employ (let’s give James White two), and we’re there.

Brady has the players around him to eclipse 40 passing touchdowns. Getting to 36 should be relatively easy, despite his advanced age and potential for injury to more players surrounding him.

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