“Today Show” Covers Jenn Sterger/Brett Favre Controversy

  • Dan Fogarty

The brouhaha surrounding alleged voice mails and nude pictures sent by Brett Favre to former New York Jets sideline reporter Jenn Sterger isn’t going away. Instead, it’s continuing to pick up mainstream media steam.

As originally reported by Deadspin, a man who sounds an awful lot like Favre left Sterger numerous voice mails of the “So, uh, I’m just going back to my hotel if you wanna drop by” variety. There were also pictures of a man’s “privates” (as described by the Today Show), although it can’t be confirmed whether the pictures were of Favre.

The story was also mentioned on last night’s edition of “Football Night in America,” with Peter King discussing the possibility of a suspension for Favre. If Favre is indeed suspended, this thing gets taken to another level.

In a cruel (or amazing, depending on your point of view) twist of fate, Favre’s current team, the Minnesota Vikings, play the New York Jets on Monday Night Football tonight on ESPN. Does ESPN mention the Favre/Sterger subplot? My guess is yes: they’ve already reported it on SportsCenter, and NBC sort of broke the seal by talking about it on their pregame show last night.