The Top 10 Moments In ‘Hard Knocks’ History

  • Ricky Boebel

The greatest reality TV show in the world, “Hard Knocks,” returns at 10 p.m. ET on HBO tonight. This year the Cincinnati Bengals open their doors to the NFL Films cameras for the second time in the team’s history. In Honor of the occasion here’s the top 10 moments from the first seven seasons.

10. The Jets punter orders 100 Shake Weights for the team. (Season 6)

Rex Ryan probably wishes it was a Shake Foot.

9. Ray Lewis and Shannon Sharpe lose their shit during the rookie talent show. (Season 1)

There were definitely some tears shed here.

8. Antonio Cromartie struggles to remember his childrens’ names. (Season 6)

A good clip, but overrated in the “Hard Knocks” pantheon of great moments because of the sadness factor.

7. Let’s go get a god damn snack. (Season 6)

The Jets personified in one YouTube clip.

6. Cowboys rookie singing “My Girl” by The Temptations into a fruit penis. (Season 4)

Why? Don’t ask questions

5. Adam “Pacman” Jones is absurdly good at catching punts. (Season 4)

I’m pretty sure he catches the sixth punt with his dick.

4. Chad Johnson gets cut by the Miami Dolphins. (Season 7)

The first player in NFL history to get cut in slippers.

3. Ravens have brutal “King Ugly” competition to decide ugliest person in camp. (Season 1)

This is back in the good old days, when concussions were prevalent and the hazing was mean-spirited.

2. Bernard Pollard Dance. (Season 3)

The Patriots’ arch nemesis has some moves. The guys that just take off across the locker room make this clip.

1. Butt Detective Carson Palmer grills center on his personal hygiene. (Season 5)

Not one smile was cracked during the investigation.