21 Things To Be Thankful For On Thanksgiving

  • Dan Fogarty

1. Turkey, obviously.

2. And getting to sleep in.

3. And Turkey Day pickup football.

4. And girls being better than boys.

5. And sneaking in a quick Madden game before the family gets here.

6. We’re thankful for the way the house smells right now.

7. And that the biggest eating day of the year helps you recover from the biggest drinking night of the year.

8. Mmm… stuffing.

9. Football! On TV!

10. And the schedule’s not that bad!

11. We’re thankful for New York City tabloids.

12. And that we’ll have the opportunity to see potential turning into greatness…

13. …and whatever’s going on over here.

14. After football, you can nap, which is great.

15. But nap with one eye open, because pups love turkey day too, bro.

16. We’re thankful for Canadian mayors trying to play football.

19. And for our readers and their optimism.

20. And the internet in general.

21. But what we’re most thankful for? Leftovers.

…Until Saturday. By Saturday, please: no more leftovers.

Happy Turkey Day, everyone.

“Mom cooking” photo via.