This Bills Pregame Pep Talk Fail Is All You Need Today

This Bills Pregame Pep Talk Fail Is All You Need Today
  • Tanya Ray Fox

The Buffalo Bills are not good at being an NFL team. Sure, the roster consists of some of the best athletes in the world, who are all better at football than most of us will ever be at anything. But in terms of NFL success, they’ve spent the majority of their 57 years of existence failing miserably.

Because of that, the Bills and their fan base have become a laughing stock for other fans across the nation. They possess all of the historic failure of the Browns while eliciting none of the empathy, and the tales of their parking lot tailgates and stadium antics is the stuff of nightmares.

That’s why this video, posted to Reddit, is so damned funny.

Please behold these poor Bills players attempting to pretend for a brief moment that they aren’t about to walk into a shit storm:

The back end of that chant is literally my favorite thing that has ever happened. Even in the moment they were like “holy shit we’re pathetic.” They don’t even laugh. They just walk off in pathetic acceptance of their inadequacy.

Oh Bills, please never stop Bills-ing.

Tanya Ray Fox

Tanya Ray Fox is a sportswriter and producer who has worked for nearly 7 years in both digital and television sports media. She has previously worked in TV production experience for Comcast SportsNet New England, NFL Network and Time Warner Cable Sports. In addition to her work for SportsGrid and appearances on the affiliated FNTSY Sports Network, she is also a contributor for USA Today's Rams Wire.