This Drew Brees Appearance On Sesame Street Is Brought To You By The Letters “W,” “T,” And “F”

  • Tom Lorenzo

Drew Brees is scheduled to make an appearance on ‘Sesame Street’ tomorrow morning. For those of you who have a conflict with your DRV and can’t tape his appearance, here is the video segment he did with none other than Elmo. To say that this video is strange would be an understatement.

The idea behind the bit is for Brees to teach Elmo about the word “measurement.” What follows is an odd interaction where Brees begins to measure Elmo with different objects. Make sense? How about you just watch the video and we’ll take it from there.

Really? A potato? To each his own. Kids, if you’re reading this, let it be known that measuring things with a potato is not common. When’s the last time you heard someone say: “Hey, do you mind moving over a little? Maybe about two-and-a-half potatoes? Thanks!” That conversation has never happened. Still, it’s nice to see Brees taking part in such an educational program. And for that, we give him props.

via Busted Coverage