This Exists: Head & Shoulders Takes Out $1 Million Insurance Policy On Troy Polamalu’s Hair

  • Glenn Davis

Weird celebrity insurance policies, especially on notorious body parts, are the stuff of legend. Just observe this list – or this one, for that matter – for some of the craziest (and in some cases, quite possibly fakest) insurance policies ever taken out.

Well, we have a new one to add to that list. Head & Shoulders, manufacturer of perhaps the best-known anti-dandruff shampoo out there (and, as seen here and here, prominently endorsed by Steelers star Troy Polamalu) decided to protect its investment in Polamalu by making another one – a $1 million insurance policy on his luxurious mane.

The People writeup on the policy sounds a bit like a Head & Shoulders press release in spots, such as when Polamalu says, “One guy in particular…is stealing all of my Head & Shoulder products,” or when it says, “Women and men across America are desperate for the secret to those Samoan curls.”

Polamalu said the insurance policy renders him unlikely to cut his hair – something he hasn’t done in eight years anyway – so realistically, the only thing this policy guards against is potential baldness. Sure, there could be some freak hair-losing accident, but Polamalu’s sure to take extra care to make sure that doesn’t happen.

After all, Polamalu is the guy who, according to People’s writeup, takes 45 minutes before a game to care for his legendary locks. We’ll take their word for it, but…45 minutes? Well, actually, just look at that hair again. It’s worth the time – and, just maybe, worth a cool million.

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