This Is A Page From The Miami Dolphins’ Game Program

  • Eric Goldschein

It was Halloween recently, if you didn’t know, and the Miami Dolphins’ game program reflected that with a colorful little Q&A session with the team’s top players. Check out Richie Incognito’s “Easiest teammate to scare,” via reddit:

incognito program

A few more, less serious takeaways from this screenshot:

-Ryan Tannehill scares Matt Moore… by taking the starting job and not giving it back.
-Ryan Tannehill dressed up as Kid Rock… last year.
-Ryan Tannehill can’t even name one scary movie. Just say… “Scary Movie,” or something.
-Ryan Tannehill is kind of weird. At least his wife is hot and awesome.

Also, don’t expect to see Incognito in another Miami program. The team is reportedly “done” with him.

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