This Is Totally Your Year: An Overly Optimistic Preview Of The 2014-15 NFL Season

  • SportsGrid Staff

this is totally your year

Welcome to “This Is Totally Your Year,” our preview of the 2014-15 NFL season for all 32 teams. Most of the time, our previews take on a pessimistic — some would say realistic — bent, because odds are that your team will not win the Super Bowl. It’s the truth.

But where’s the fun in entering a season without hope? Not everyone has to be a Rams fan (sorry, Rams fans). This time, we decided to go the optimistic route. Right now, everyone is 0-0, which means everyone is in first place, which means everyone has an equal shot at winning it all. This is especially true in football, where parity is king and an awkward bounce of the ball can be the difference between winning and losing. Many a playoff berth has been decided by a slight breeze one way or the other.

We’ve broken down why every team — yes, even your team (and yes, even your team, Rams fans) — will win it all this year. We’ll unveil a division every day over the next two weeks. You can click through and find each preview, below (and we’ll add each team’s link as we go). Enjoy it now, because you might not be feeling so optimistic once the season starts: