This List Of QBs Who Have Gotten Jobs Ahead Of Tim Tebow Makes It Clear: He’s Not Coming Back To The NFL

  • Eric Goldschein

tim tebow

We all know that Tim Tebow is a great quarterback, right? There are two reasons he’s not currently starting for the Broncos, or Jets, or Patriots, or Jaguars, or any other NFL team: his outspoken faith and the fact that everyone is stupid. His skills as a passer and game manager have nothing to do with it.

So let’s take a look at all the quarterbacks that have been signed as backups in the NFL since Tebow was cut by the Patriots before the season:

  1. Austin Davis, Rams
  2. B.J. Daniels, Seahawks
  3. Brady Quinn, Rams
  4. Jordan Palmer, Bears
  5. Josh Freeman, Vikings
  6. Seneca Wallace, Packers
  7. McLeod Bethel-Johnson, 49ers
  8. John Skelton, 49ers and Titans
  9. Matt Flynn, Bills and Packers

Eight different teams have signed these nine quarterbacks. That’s 25 percent of the league that had a chance to bring in Tim Tebow — including the Rams, who actually inquired about 44-year-old Brett Favre this year as well — and chose not to do so.

And who did they sign instead? Known commodities with little NFL talent like Brady Quinn and John Skelton. Career backup types like Seneca Wallace. And Austin Davis, and McLeod Bethel-Johnson — in other words, no name types.

Whether Tebow’s status as a circus act is making teams wary, or they really believe some guy named Jordan Palmer is a better choice to back up their starting quarterback, is irrelevant. Tebow isn’t getting consideration as an option anymore. Barring a change of heart by a lame duck GM or a noticeable upgrade in Tebow’s abilities in the CFL, we shouldn’t expect to see him take an NFL field again. He appears to know that.

Maybe he should switch to tight end?

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