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This Perfectly Edited Video Of Skip Bayless Debating Himself Is Pure Genius

This Perfectly Edited Video Of Skip Bayless Debating Himself Is Pure Genius
  • Tanya Ray Fox

There are a lot of poorly edited videos on the internet that are trying to be funny and meta. This is not one of them. This video is exactly what all those other ones are trying desperately to be, and if you’re having trouble getting through the end of the week as another glorious summer weekend inches ever closer, take a minute out of your day to enjoy it:

Posted by Will Schleichert on YouTube, this puts on full display the real problem with TV punditry – which is of course the fact that in order to manufacture interesting conversation, you often have to contradict yourself. The last thing that Bayless can afford to do is become a broken record on even more topics than he already has, so clearly he’s taken the anti-Tebow approached and flip flopped dramatically when it comes to his assessment of Aaron Rodgers.

Either that, or this video takes his conversations out of context and edits them together in such a way that it merely appears that he can have full arguments with himself. I guess we’ll never know. Or more accurately, I guess we really don’t care. Make your millions, Skip. We’ll just be over here watching classic Schleichert videos making fun of you – because if we don’t laugh we’ll cry.

Tanya Ray Fox

Tanya Ray Fox is a sportswriter and producer who has worked for nearly 7 years in both digital and television sports media. She has previously worked in TV production experience for Comcast SportsNet New England, NFL Network and Time Warner Cable Sports. In addition to her work for SportsGrid and appearances on the affiliated FNTSY Sports Network, she is also a contributor for USA Today's Rams Wire.