This /R/NFL Thread On The Acceptability Of Personalized Jerseys Is Hilarious

This /R/NFL Thread On The Acceptability Of Personalized Jerseys Is Hilarious
  • Jake O'Donnell

The customized NFL jersey: it’s as American as falling face first into a urinal while wearing a customized NFL jersey. But are they acceptable? Are they cool? Should adults do it? Should kids? Should no one? Should everyone? We have a lot of questions about the $200 uniform that represents a real professional football team and completely fictional player at the same time.

Reddit’s /r/nfl seems to have some answers. Our favorites, below…

stvash: My last name is Namath so I really lucked out.

SquanDonDeMarco: Wearing an NFL jersey with your own name is LARPing for drunk people.

treygreen13: I don’t really care if a fan wears a jersey with their name on it. It is a little confusing at first when I see them and I’m like, “Who the hell is Sniznitzky” and then I realize it’s a custom jersey.

The whole “wearing a jersey” thing is already a little strange to begin with. I still do it when I go to show my support but as long as there’s nothing crass on the custom jersey (or it’s not a custom jersey for a player that doesn’t play for the Cowboys) I don’t have a strong opinion about it.

d-lo_tha_boss: One of my buddies wanted to get a personalized jersey when we were in elementary school, but his last name was too long so he had to get “Charley” on the back. I still give him shit for it to this day.

Suddenly_Something: Incredibly tacky.

Kiernanstrat: I think it’s like owning a Mustang. Really cool when you’re 16 and less so when you’re 40.

nastylep: 9/10 people who do this are complete tools.

1/10 people who do this can pull it off by some combination of being extremely fat/loud/drunk.

SquanDonDeMarco: If you’re so committed to a joke that you’re willing to let everyone know you’ll spend $150 on a uniform you had custom made to say something funny on it…to a sporting event…it’s safe to you’re a human buffalo wing. Get a life. Or don’t.

4thdontcare: It’s really bad ass if you play for an NFL team. Otherwise everyone just looks at you and wonders why you bought a jersey of some guy who they don’t see in the program and must have been cut in training camp.

MBTAHole: I think it’s kind of goofy to wear another man’s name on your back, especially a man younger than you but not nearly as douchey as putting your own freakin name on a jersey.


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