This Video Of Chris Kluwe Punting While Wearing Google Glass Probably Isn’t What Google Had In Mind

  • Zach Berger

Chris Kluwe, punter for the Oakland Raiders, managed to get his hands on a Google Glass prototype, the futuristic glasses that can take videos and make phone calls or something like that. Since Kluwe is known for being hilarious, Google was probably expecting some cool first-person shots of a professional punter doing his thing with some of that patented Kluwe humor.

Instead, they got this:

If you made it through more than sixty seconds of that, I applaud you. I had the video start at the five-minute mark because it opens with him doing practice ball drops and then practice kicks without the ball. After his first round of shitty warmup punts into the wind, Kluwe shows us what it’s like to pick up all of your footballs. Truly scintillating stuff.

If Google were to give a prototype of their new product to a player at any football position, they probably chose the worst one. How incredibly boring is it watching a guy punt over and over again? You can’t even see the ball and Kluwe’s commentary on how to practice punting doesn’t make it any better.

Literally any other position would be more interesting. Quarterback, running back, and wide receiver would all be cool for obvious reasons. But even getting a point-of-view look at what it’s like to be a lineman would beat this.

Good effort, Google. But next time, send the prototype of your super cool device to anyone but a punter.