Here’s Video Of Shirtless Richie Incognito Screaming The N-Word In A Pool Hall

  • Rick Chandler

The Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin saga is growing like some ugly mutant strain in a Petri dish, and now the latest is that a Dolphins’ official reportedly told the Miami Herald that the team is “done” with Incognito. (They suspended him “indefinitely” on Sunday night).

But now TMZ has got their claws in the story, and you know what that means: videos in pool halls!

According to TMZ, the clip you see above shows Incognito at a pool hall called Dirty Blondes in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Incognito was with some teammates when something inspired him to take his shirt off and begin stomping around like a moron. At the start of the video, he appears to yell, “Mike Pouncey, n–ga!” It looks like Pouncey was there too, as you can see later in the video.

What does this prove? Nothing really, except that Incognito can be a lumbering lout. We will say that it does nothing to rehabilitate his image, that’s for sure.

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