This Was On The Weather Channel Thurs. Night: Falcons Cheerleaders Huddled In Locker Room

  • Rick Chandler

Even The Weather Channel has to be concerned about ratings, which is why when you go to their web site you see headlines such as: Scariest Cloud Ever! and Could This End The Human Race?

This thinking even impacts their actual TV weather coverage, it seems. While tracking tornadoes that were headed toward the Atlanta area on Thursday, the Weather Channel cut to … cheerleaders huddled in a locker room. The Atlanta Falcons cheerleaders were about to start practice at the team practice facility when a tornado warning hit, and they were told to wait it out in the locker room. And of course The Weather Channel was there.

Here’s an excerpt from a post on the Falcons Cheerleaders site by “Ashley Y., veteran cheerleader”:

Once in the locker room, there was a mixture of emotions circling throughout the team. Some girls were calm, some girls were intently watching the news, and some were very concerned about any weather that may be coming through. It seemed like the girls who had been in the 2011 tornado in Tuscaloosa were having the hardest time, and for good reason. Nearly every girl was on their phone texting, checking the news, or checking Twitter. Much to our surprise, we found out that we were on the Weather Channel after one of our girls tweeted a picture of us sitting in the locker room.

Don’t worry: all were fine, and practice resumed. Next on The Weather Channel: How will global warming impact our nation’s Hooters franchises?