Thomas DeCoud’s Middle Finger Is Not Supposed To Bend Like That

  • Dylan Murphy

Atlanta Falcons safety Thomas DeCoud broke/dislocated/something’d his middle finger in the team’s Week 17 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but the Falcons’ postseason march precluded any sort of corrective procedure. So he played through the injury because Football and Toughness and Playoffs, crotch-chopping his way to the NFC Championship game. He even played in the Pro Bowl, finger still mangled, despite being a replacement player. The show nobody wants must go on.

Last night, DeCoud revealed the severity of the injury when he tweeted an X-ray of his hand, saying he was having surgery today. Frankly his whole hand looks kind of mangled, but we’re pretty sure middle fingers aren’t supposed to look like that – so long as you’re not Torry Holt.

[Twitter, via Reddit]