Three Idiots Invade Field At Vikings-49ers Game, Jerome Simpson Tackles One Of Them

  • Rick Chandler

So running onto the field at a preseason NFL game? Isn’t that kind of pathetic? If you’re going to get hauled to jail, at least make it count in the standings, man!

Anyway, not one but three people did it on Sunday at Candlestick Park during the Vikings-49ers game. All of them were grabbed by security — one after being blind-side tackled by the Vikings’ Jerome Simpson, who left the sideline to dispense justice. Ha. Well played.

There’s no actual video of Simpson’s heroic effort (per NBC’s stupid rule), but here’s one of the other field invaders being taken down.

Idiots On The Field Invade SNF, And Jerome Simpson Leveled One Of Them

Notice how the fan extends his hat in a vain attempt to reach into the end zone. Denied.

Daily Mail:

Collinsworth went on to describe how ‘there’s two different guys on the field and Jerome Simpson gave him the blind side and roughed this guy up a little bit.’

The crowd roared as Simspon put an end to the fan’s brief act of stupidity.

Less than two minutes later – on the same play – another fan ran onto the field and almost made it the entire 100 yards before being tackled by security.

After the third fan ran onto the field, NBC’s sideline reporter, Michele Tafoya, spoke to Candlestick Park’s security officials, who told her that bike cops who were stationed outside the stadium had been moved to the sidelines to prevent anyone else from rushing the field.