Three Texans Rookies Were Cut For Reportedly Smoking Weed In Their Hotel Room, Because That’s Just Unacceptable

  • Eric Goldschein

cierre woodOn Monday the Houston Texans cut three players — rookies Sam Montgomery, Cierre Wood (pictured at left) and Willie Jefferson — for violating team rules while at their Kansas City hotel. According to ESPN, sources say the violation involved smoking pot.

All three players were inactive Sunday against the Chiefs and were released the next day. These likely weren’t easy cuts to make either, as Wood was the third running back behind now-injured Arian Foster and Ben Tate, and Montgomery was a third round pick. Montgomery was reportedly out of shape for most of the season — any theories as to why, class?

From ESPN:

Three sources who wished to remain anonymous told that the violation occurred due to marijuana use…

Jefferson’s agent, Chad Cannon, told that the players were smoking a cigar in the team hotel and that illegal drugs were not involved…

Montgomery told Comcast SportsNet Houston that he walked into a hotel room where Wood and Jefferson were smoking a cigar Saturday and was later called from a meeting by coach Gary Kubiak.

A cigar, eh? You just walked into the room where two guys were smoking a cigar… eh? Likely stories, both. I’m sure nobody else has tried the ol’ “That blunt may have looked and smelled like a blunt, but it’s a cigar, silly!” and the ol’ “I was just minding my own business and walked into the room unawares!” excuses before. Rookie mistakes by rookie players.

There’s no doubt that these guys screwed up, but permit me to jump up on the soapbox for a second: At least these guys were sitting in their hotel rooms, getting high, not hurting anybody. They weren’t driving drunk, or getting in fights at the club, or slapping women, or drunkenly pissing off the neighbors, or perhaps murdering people. In fact, the Texans are tied for the fewest arrests in the league since 2000. Maybe if guys were smoking weed in their hotel rooms more often, we wouldn’t have so many of these issues.

Rules are rules, however, and now these guys know not to break them — or to at least come up with better excuses when they get caught.

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