Tony Kornheiser: Tiki And Ronde Barber Are The Winklevoss Twins

  • Glenn Davis

No story came more out of left field today than Tiki Barber’s attempted return to the NFL, and news apparently broke just early enough that Pardon the Interruption was able to fit the topic into the show’s lead spot. Co-debaters Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon had differing opinions (surprise!) on the comeback’s prospects, although both showed Barber significantly more love than he’s generally been getting from the media (with reason) over the past year.

Wilbon, though he said he “particularly like[s]” Barber, was the one who couldn’t see the comeback actually coming to fruition, citing Barber’s age (36 next month). It’s hard to blame Wilbon – even when Barber last played, his age (31) was advanced for a running back.

The bejeweled Kornheiser, though, was undeterred, saying the continued NFL success of Tiki’s twin brother Ronde is proof positive Tiki could still get it done (and we’ll give Kornheiser credit: calling the Barber twins “the Winklevi” was a pretty good reference).

Wilbon still wasn’t buying the idea that any NFL team would take a flyer on a 36-year-old running back, but Kornheiser had a team in mind he thought would give him a shot – the Jets. That might get some attention, no? Video of the segment, via ESPN, below.