Tiki Barber Hires PR Firm To Deal With Fallout From Intern Sexy Time

  • Dan Fogarty

Tiki Barber has decided to get a little professional help for his dinged-up image, hiring 5WPR to “spin his relationship with blond former TV intern Traci Johnson,” according to the New York Post.

Barber, who left his wife for Johnson, was fired from NBC (both working as a “Today Show” correspondent and for their NFL coverage) in June.

Recently, Johnson wrote a poorly-received “memoir”on Crushable.com about her and Barber’s relationship:

I knew that his relationship had deteriorated before my relationship with him was even a thought in his mind. I knew that I was never Tiki’s babysitter or that he “lavished” me with expensive gifts or snuck into my college dorm room (I lived on an all girl’s floor with a key swipe entrance … think how difficult it would be to sneak a 5′10, 200-pound, black man into that environment?).

According to the Post, this would be Barber’s third PR company. The following quote is evidence that they have their work cut out for them:

Sources said he’s “paid for a professional photo shoot and is offering it to publications, despite the fact that he’s claiming poverty and can’t pay Ginny the settlement she wants.” Johnson penned a blog on a Web site for young women last week, defending her affair with Tiki. Barber’s rep didn’t get back to us.