“Tiki, You Got Fiyuhed”: Let’s All Listen To Mike Francesa Own Tiki Barber

  • Dan Fogarty

“Tiki… you got fiyuhed.

Oh, so many quotables from Mike Francesa‘s radio interview with Tiki Barber, but we’ll go with that one.

The perennially grumpy papa bear of New York sports talk radio interviewed the former Giants running back and NBC broadcaster about his return to football. But first, they needed to talk about Tiki’s failed TV career. And Francesa, God bless him, kept reminding Tiki just how absolutely terrible he was.

For a city that pretends it hates Mike Francesa’s grumpy Long Island accent but secretly loves it, and who used to love Tiki Barber but then grew to hate him, this was a moment to savor. The ultimate get back. Our voice – the one that sounds like our uncle from Nassau County and who sometimes hangs up on callers too quickly, but still – casually reminding one of our fallen sports heroes that he messed up. And then pointing out how, in excruciating detail.