Jon Stewart To Tim Tebow: “You Seem Like A Real A–hole”

  • Glenn Davis

Oh, relax, he meant it jokingly.

Tim Tebow visited The Daily Show last night to promote his new book, Through My Eyes, and discussed his upbringing, what it was like being raised by missionaries, and the orphanage in the Philippines his foundation supports. (That was what prompted Stewart’s “asshole” remark.)

Oh, and Tebow also found a little time to talk football, too, assuring everyone he’s working hard even while the lockout threatens the 2011 NFL season. Plus, he shared his opinion on whether college football players ought to be paid. Tebow thinks they should be, but nothing crazy: just enough to afford “little things.” And hearing Stewart and Tebow talk about the generous bonuses Urban Meyer received when Florida won titles – all while many of his players most likely really couldn’t afford those “little things” – makes it hard not to agree.

It was an interesting conversation simply by virtue of the fact that Stewart and Tebow aren’t exactly similar from a worldview standpoint. That, though, never really came up…which was kind of nice. Stewart seems to admire Tebow for who he is, and that was that. It’s a good thing the interview wasn’t conducted by John Oliver. Video below.