A Few Videos Of The Controversial Pastor At The Church Where Tim Tebow Will Speak

  • Glenn Davis

Well, Tim Tebow’s back in the news, and now it’s got nothing to do with playing time or lack thereof. No, now that other reason everyone pays attention to Tebow – his outspoken Christianity – is back at the forefront, thanks to an upcoming speaking engagement at the First Baptist Church in Dallas. Tebow’s done things like this before, but the difference this time is that the senior pastor at First Baptist Dallas, Robert Jeffress, has a history of saying controversial things, and on TV, to boot. Jeffress’s remarks have led some to brand him as anti-gay and anti-Semitic.

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But is he? Well, again, as luck would have it, Jeffress goes on TV all the time. So rather than us passing judgment, we can let his words do all the talking, and you can decide for yourself whether you think Jeffress is deserving of these labels. Here he is on the “the Boy Scouts might let gay kids in” story:

On Mormons:

On the Defense of Marriage Act:

On the inevitable downfall of America, and why (Hitler’s name comes up):

You can find more here and here. So… might Tebow come to regret speaking at this church? Does Jeffress smartly conceal alarmist-at-best, hateful-at-worst ideas behind a genteel veneer that briefly makes saps like me feel bad for calling those ideas what they are? The choice is yours.