Now That The Jets Actually Know What’s In Tim Tebow’s Contract, The Trade Might Fall Apart

  • Glenn Davis

Well, the freakouts in reaction to the Tim Tebow Jets trade have been crazy and volatile. And now, so has the trade itself. A while ago, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that the deal, which just a few short hours ago was so official that the Jets themselves announced it, is now once again up in the air thanks to certain language in Tebow’s contract. The issues surround $5 million worth of payments the Jets would have to make to the Broncos. Commence your latest freakout!

It’s important to note here that this trade may well still wind up going through – and Schefter says at least one person in the league still thinks it will. But this latest chapter in the Tebow Saga is indeed not over yet – not-over-yet enough that a different team – like, say, the Rams, or perhaps even the Jaguars – still might be in the deal-making picture.

Whatever winds up happening here, the Jets don’t come out looking great. If the trade winds up falling through because they don’t want to be on the hook for $5 million that the Broncos say they should have known about before they agreed to the deal, then they’ll look totally unprepared and generally every bit the “three-ring circus” Mike Francesa called them earlier today. And even if the deal holds up, the Jets will still look like they got with their pants down, and it’s anyone’s guess as to whether this deal will even benefit them football-wise anyway.

We have no idea how this will end up. When we started writing this post, we’d have guessed Tebow would still end up a Jet. Now, we’re less sure of that. Given Schefter’s reports of the Rams’ and Jaguars’ interest, there is a Tebow market. Either way, the seemingly-impossible has already happened: this story is even crazier now than it was when the Jets deal was first reported.

And in a way, the snag is the ultimate microcosm of the Tebow experience. So many lamented the way Tebow was celebrated despite the Broncos seemingly winning in spite of him. And what was the madness earlier today except a bunch of Tim-Tebow-related hype that might just have been over nothing at all?