Peter King Has Spoken On Tim Tebow’s Patriots’ Training Camp Performance (Warning: Many Of You Will Not Care)

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Tim Tebow PatriotsBelieve it or not, we haven’t heard much about Tim Tebow and actual football performance from the New England Patriots training camp. We warn you: this isn’t massive news, but it is a somewhat-relevant update for the Tebow-obsessed, and even the Tebow-curious.

It comes from Peter King’s new MMQB website, from a lengthy column that is worth your time, mainly for its Chip Kellyness at the beginning. Here is the Tebow “news”:

Take this for what it’s worth: Tim Tebow made three beautiful downfield throws that I saw, completions thrown 25 yards or more hitting receivers in stride. Tebow was also the personal protector on punts (kudos to you, Mike Westhoff, for getting him started on that last summer) and ran down on punts with energy. I bet the Patriots keep three quarterbacks, knowing they’re able to use Tebow as a utility player. Not necessarily a guy they’d have active every week, but a guy they could use in certain matchup situations against some teams.

So, positive news. Sounds like he’s got a very good chance of making the team. Which, of course, means: we’ll be hearing a lot more about Tim Tebow. We’ve warned you.