Tim Tebow Offered Contract To Play For The Arena League Team Owned By KISS

  • Rick Chandler

If your fondest dream is to see Tim Tebow in KISS makeup throwing passes indoors toward an end zone adorned with a giant cargo net, then get ready to be tantalized. The LA Kiss has offered the recently-unemployed quarterback a contract. And its not as crazy as it seems.

Well OK, it’s somewhat crazy. But it’s not like there are other offers piling up on his porch.

Your newest Arena League franchise is the Los Angeles KISS, as if you didn’t know. And they want them some Tebow.

From the team press release:

“As a former NFL player, the LA KISS will offer intense training and unwavered commitment to the former New England Patriots player with the hopes to take him to the next level. “The chance for Tebow to improve as a quarterback is immense as the AFL is a pass-happy league with 90 percent of the league’s offensive plays coming from throwing the ball.”

And they would be short, gentle throws: perfect for Tebow.

So the LA Kiss has made its point on why the AFL would be good for Tebow. But have they considered that Tebow might be good for the LA Kiss, I mean other than in a competitive way?

Tebow just may convert those hedonistic metalheads into God-fearing Christian rockers. It could happen. But really I just want to see the press conference with Gene Simmons and Tebow at the same table.

Tebow Photoshop: Henry Roberts.