Tim Tebow’s Pointless Spin Move Inspires Litany Of Jesus-Related Spin Move Jokes

  • Dan Fogarty

You know when you’re playing Madden, and you prematurely press the “B” button and instead of avoiding a tackler (or several) you spin directly into a tackler (or several)? Well, on Sunday against the Chargers, Tim Tebow prematurely pressed the “B” button, thus expediting a head-on collision with the Chargers D.

For most NFL players, this pointless spin move would inspire a few laughs, with everyone eventually noting that the guy won the game, so it’s not that big of a deal. But since this is Tim Tebow we’re talking about, and usually things about Tim Tebow become a running internet joke, the premature spin led to a host of one-liners on popular social news site Reddit:

some men
just want to watch the world turn

John 3 60

Jesus would be rolling in his grave if he saw this.

He didn’t spin. Tebow stood still and the world revolved around him.

Jesus took the wheel and spun it wildly on that one.

Jesus pressed circle too early.

So, will Tim’s Happy Feet become a full-fledged meme by the end of the week? Only time will tell. Either way, Tebow continues to spin away from his critics, and into the win column. Badum-ching.

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