Titus Young’s Dad Says Titus Young ‘Has A Brain Disorder’ From A Concussion

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Titus Young was arrested three times in one week, but after reading what his father said recently, we don’t find the jokes funny anymore.

Richard Young said his son suffers from a disorder caused by his brain being compressed into the front of his skull, but he couldn’t remember the disorder’s name Monday. The father said his son’s disposition changed after he suffered a concussion during his rookie season, although the Lions never listed that as an injury.

Although Titus Young has medication for the issue, his father said he hasn’t been taking it as prescribed.

And, while Richard Young said his son has sought help for the issue, Titus Young hasn’t been dedicated to his treatment, which doctors told the father could take six months or less.

“He’s not dealing with it the way he should be,” Richard Young said. “If the judge gives him a court order, then maybe he’ll get the help he needs.”

Terrifying stuff.

“When he’s around us, his mind comes and goes,” Richard Young said. “He can’t really defend himself, and I don’t want ya’ll thinking he’s a bad person.”

Welp, people do (and did) think that.

Not much to say here, except that we hope Young gets better.

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