TMZ Asks The Most Important Super Bowl Question: Which Harbaugh “Would You Rather?”

  • Joe Levine

The Super Bowl is tomorrow, which means every news outlet is hunting for any possible story to report leading up to the big game. TMZ has trumped everyone with their latest scoop, pitting Harbaugh against Harbaugh for guts and glory.

By “guts and glory,” I mean “the right to claim sexual attractiveness superiority over the other.” News is news, right?

Well, it appears America is not having as much problem picking a winner between the brothers as Mama Harbaugh had picking the Super Bowl. As of 4:34PM ET, John currently leads Jim with 71% of the 1,690 total votes. For the record, every Super Bowl since 1976 has been won by the team whose coach was most “doable”*, so things are looking good for Baltimore!

*Not a real stat.