Former Patriots’ Lineman Joe Andruzzi Helped Carry Folks To Safety Following The Boston Marathon Bombings

  • Rick Chandler

Despite the blue shirt and the muscles, that’s not Superman. But if you were to call Joe Andruzzi a real-life, bad-ass superhero, few would argue.

Andruzzi, in the photo here carrying a woman to safety following the Boston Marathon bombings, is a former New England Patriots offensive lineman who owns three Super Bowl rings and a pedigree for helping people in trouble. His three brothers all work for the New York City Fire Dept., and responded to the 9/11 attacks. And Joe is a cancer survivor, having fought off non-Hodgkin’s Burkitt’s lymphoma, and subsequently founding the Joe Andruzzi Foundation, which raises money for adults and children undergoing cancer treatment. Andruzzi won the Ed Block Courage Award in 2002.

It was in conjunction with his foundation that Andruzzi helped to organize a team to run at the Boston Marathon, and he was near the finish line on Monday when the explosions occurred. That’s where this photo was taken of Andruzzi helping one of the victims.

As Andruzzi and his wife, Jen, were not on Twitter for several hours, this caused several people to get a little concerned for their well being. Then:

Photo: Bill Greene/The Boston Globe/Getty Images.