Todd Helton Doesn’t Look So Hot

  • Glenn Davis and Dylan Murphy

The web roundup for Wednesday, February 6. Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. See anything that should be on SportsGrid? Send it to Now, our starting five.

1. Todd Helton arrested for DUI, takes that mugshot.

Oy. [Big League Stew]

2. Baseball recovered from Civil War battlefield is unveiled to public.

This is pretty damn cool. [BuzzFeed]

3. Another Ray Lewis in the football pipeline.

Ray Lewis III will follow in his dad’s footsteps and play at Miami. He’s a running back, though. [NBC Miami]

4. Colin Kaepernick having a good time in who the hell knows when.

No one tell this guy. [The Big Lead]

5. Not sports related, still important.

Here’s how to get rejected from business school; be careful when you’re trimming the bushes; vodka sodas are the key to your inebriated future; tragedy alert: there is no more monopoly iron.

Food porn of the day.

“Guilty Lunch Hot Dogs.”

Is that bacon? MMMM…BACON.

And finally, tonight…