Tom Brady And Gisele Ignored The Hell Out Of Katy Perry As They Left The Super Bowl

  • Dan Fogarty

Early this morning, Yahoo published a superb piece by Dan Wetzel detailing Tom Brady’s despondency in the minutes following his Super Bowl loss to the Giants. It’s gripping stuff — Brady literally sat in the locker room, in full uniform, looking at his feet and not talking for twenty minutes. It’s the type of piece that shows what it’s like for an impossibly famous person to come up short on an impossibly big stage.

Finally, after Brady got his shoulder pads off, took a shower, and talked to the media (he was immediately cornered by Jim Gray for a radio interview after he left the locker room, which is frustrating enough on its own, but when coupled with a Super Bowl loss gets sent into a new stratosphere of torture), he was consoled by his wife, international supermodel Gisele Bundchen. Again, this is a pretty basic story (guy has bad day at work, is consoled by spouse) but the players — Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen — are anything but basic.

Which is what made the following tidbit, towards the end of the piece, so great.

The couple finally got out of the stadium and into the cool night air. A Miller Trailways Bus sat idling, half full of late-leaving players and Patriots’ support staff. Katy Perry came bouncing by and tried to catch their attention. They either didn’t notice, or simply chose to ignore her.

Gisele climbed on board. Brady followed. They took seats 35 and 36 and through the big side windows, as clear as can be, Tom Brady hung his head and pressed it up against the back of the seat in front of him.

Not now, Katy Perry. Not now.

[Tom Brady in postgame daze of disappointment after another Super Bowl loss to the Giants] Yahoo!