Tom Brady Comments On Instagram Post Of Tom Brady Meme

Tom Brady Comments On Instagram Post Of Tom Brady Meme
  • Jake O'Donnell

Between Lady Gaga’s halftime performance and the emotional roller coaster seen on the faces of the players, Super Bowl LI was ground zero for a whole generation of sweet, shareable, internet content. Before the game had even ended, Tom Brady’s moment of reflection after throwing a pick-six was already making the rounds as a meme about sadness — call it the Tom Brady-version of crying Jordan. Then the New England Patriots’ cold, motionless corpse somehow regained the spark of life, and the meme of Brady sitting on the bench became something completely different. Clearly, TB12 had been appealing to a higher power for help.

“I need to know what Brady said so I can use it later in life,” said the meme.

“Hey, so remember that whole David Tyree thing from a few years ago,” Tom Brady replied. Like, literally replied…as in responded to the meme on Fuck Jerry’s Instagram account.

Ask and you shall receive, you guys. Tom Brady is always watching…

The man does it all! @tombrady #GOAT

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