The Cost Of Slide-Kicking Ed Reed: $10,000

  • Glenn Davis

Remember when Tom Brady slid during the AFC championship game and did it with one leg up so that he slid into Ed Reed, and Reed had to do a little jump out of the way? Here you go:

Well, it wasn’t penalized, though Brady felt it was enough to merit an apology, and that had some complaining of star treatment. Let’s comb YouTube comments and video descriptions for a few:

of course, if it were any other QB it would have been flagged

This is why I hate Tom Brady and the Patriots, they get away with crap like this, all because Patriots is the NFL’s star team just because they’re the Patriots and Tom Brady is at the top of there Cheat Their Way Into 3 Super Bowls Pyramid, he could of seriously injured Ed Reed, I’m glad my Ravens won (naturally), NFL needs to stop protecting their lovely Patriot quarterback and fine his sorry butt

Tom Brady scrambles and slides and kicks Ed Reed INTENTIONALLY, but no call is made. But when is a call EVER made AGAINST Tom Brady.

You get the idea. But while Brady wasn’t flagged, the NFL did take some action upon further review: Brady was fined $10,000 for the play. Surely this ended the talk about preferential treatment…

You just had to announce those fines at the same time, didn’t you.