Tom Brady Was More Excited To Run For A First Down Than Anyone Has Ever Been To Run For A First Down

  • Glenn Davis

Tom Brady has achieved more than all but a few players in the history of the NFL. He’s thrown for 329 touchdowns. He’s won three Super Bowls, been to two more, and if anything, seems to get better with age. He’s a sure bet to eventually enter the Hall of Fame, and will probably be looked back on as one of the five best quarterbacks who ever played football.

And we’re not sure we’ve ever seen him more excited than he was to scramble for a routine first down against the Texans last night, in a regular season game his team was already dominating. Why? Well, that: 1) he doesn’t often run, 2) it was 3rd and 5, 3) it was a pretty big game for the regular season, and 4) the way it pumped up the crowd all surely factored in, but… well, just watch:

Again, there’s nothing wrong with this play, but… the middle of the field was wide open. He took what the defense gave him. He slid. Textbook… because of how completely normal it was. And Brady damn near lost his mind. After the game, he explained why he was so excited:

True, he doesn’t run much, but still – 140 first downs on the ground in his NFL career. This one really stood out from the pack, apparently.