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Tom Brady Is Creating A Big Distraction

Tom Brady Is Creating A Big Distraction
  • Scott Engel

Tom Brady May Be Ticking Bill Belichick Off With This WEEI Story

By Cam Giangrande

Super Bowl week is finally upon us, and what dominates the airwaves as the Patriots head to Minnesota to defend their title: a stupid and adolescent feud between Tom Brady and little known WEEI part–time radio host Alex Reimer.

Bill Belichick cannot be happy. For a coach who preaches avoiding the noise, this is counter to everything he believes in, especially a week before the big game. Last week, Reimer was on one of the night time shows on Boston radio station WEEI, and decided to weigh in on the much talked about Brady infomercial, Tom vs Time. The opening segment showed Brady at his house with his then four year-old daughter, Vivian, acting like a typical four year-old girl. She was interrupting him while he was on the phone.

Since that first video has been released, it has been analyzed and watched more than the Zapruder film. Everyone has an opinion. Other shows, on WEEI and other stations have been talking (and mocking) it since the audio dropped. On FM 98.5, The Sports Hub, (Boston’s other sports station), Tony Massarotti continually mocked Brady as he referred to himself as a “Warrior”, and Jim Murray can often be heard imitating and mimicking Brady’s wife Gisele Bundchen, (or as Massarotti calls her; “Super G”).

But this was different; for the most part, nobody attacks children: until Reimer’s rant on Thursday. Children are typically off limits. In politics, the Bush daughters and Obama daughters were usually left alone, as was Chelsea Clinton. It is an unwritten rule. Reimer broke that rule.

Although the rant was unnecessary and obviously done for some sort of shock value, (which is the direction WEEI has been veering towards over the last few months), it was far from mean-spirited, nasty, or hateful. Reimer referred to Brady’s daughter as an “annoying little pissant”, and questioned whether it was Brady’s son or daughter. Throughout the rant, he questioned whether he ever wanted children himself. To his credit, Reimer didn’t single out Brady’s daughter; he did say he believed all kids were like that.

Every Monday during the season, Brady goes on WEEI to do a segment on the Kirk and Callahan show. Normally he answers questions posed by hosts Gerry Callahan and Kirk Minihane for 15 minutes. It’s usually a brisk back and forth, and not always just fluff. They don’t hold back, asking him controversial questions about his relationship with coach Belichick, Jimmy Garoppolo, and health guru Alex Guerrero. He’s never hung up, or gotten overly indignant. Obviously, this was different.

That being said, part of me thinks TB12 wants to have his cake and eat it too. He is moving heaven and earth to beat Father Time. He has his personal trainer on site at Gillette Stadium, and created at least a small rift with his coach. He’s put together this series, “Tom vs Time” promoting himself and his lifestyle to increase his stature post-career, to highlight his brand. He could have done that without having his children in the episodes.

Part of me thinks that if you want to shield your kids, (as you rightfully should), you shouldn’t put them out there at all. And when you do, you open yourself up to this sort of thing. And although I think Brady is right to be upset, I think his wife has more to do with this. I think Gisele is the one behind the curtain and methinks Tom doth protest too much. Frankly, I think the moral outrage is over the top, and Brady’s gone too far. By the sounds of it, WEEI is in panic and damage control. They’ve already suspended Reimer, and the momentum seems to be leaning towards termination.

Brady is a top ratings driver for WEEI and his word will be law on this matter. You can be sure that if Brady wants Reimer gone, he’s gone. That stinks. Although I don’t often agree with Reimer, he shouldn’t lose his job over a comment, albeit a stupid one. Is that all it takes in this politically correct, reactionary, safe space world we’re now living in? Let’s get a thicker skin Tom. He wasn’t vulgar, and he wasn’t really hurtful. The tone was completely tongue in cheek, and Reimer doesn’t deserve this outrage and backlash. Brady has the power to say something like, “Although what he said was stupid and juvenile, nobody should be fired over a dopey comment.”

Brady needs to be smarter than this. He’s heading to Minnesota for Super Bowl week. By doing what he did on WEEI, is there any doubt what the majority of questions to Brady will be about this week? I repeat, Bill Belichick cannot be happy. Brady better win this Super Bowl, because if the Patriots lose, this issue will take on a life of its own and Reimer’s name will go down in infamy like Bartman in Chicago.

Is Brady really the GOAT? Maybe not ….