Tom Brady Lit Into His Team With An Expletive-Filled Tirade After Sunday’s Game

  • Dan Fogarty

Tom Brady sounded nonplussed following New England’s uninspired 23-16 win over the Jaguars on Sunday. It was a game the Patriots should have won handily — they were 14 1/2 point favorites heading in — not one that could’ve been tied with a late-game Chad Henne hail mary.

During his postgame presser, the NFL’s possible goofiest person got right to the point.

“We played pretty terrible out there,” said a sullen Brady. “It came down to the wire, and the defense made some plays. But that was a bad 60 minutes of football. We got outcompeted out there, outfought. We were lucky to win.”

Turns out, that was the G-rated remix to “Tom Brady talks about the Jaguars game.” The explicit original cut occurred before the presser, in the Patriots’ locker room.

An irate Brady could be heard upbraiding the team in the locker room following the game, with several expletives mixed in for emphasis. Multiple sources who were in the locker room confirmed that the franchise quarterback lit into his team after a lackluster performance.

The exact phrasing of Brady’s message was unclear — his teammates aren’t going to narc on the angry 3-time Super Bowl champion — but the main point crystal: Get it together, because my window of opportunity is closing.