Making The Case That Tom Brady May Just Be The NFL’s Biggest Goofball

  • Glenn Davis

You know Tom Brady is handsome. We all know it. It’s why we wrote this when news broke of the birth of Brady’s daughter Vivian – it’s hard to argue that a guy who looks like he does and is also a legendary quarterback didn’t win some kind of cosmic lottery. So we won’t argue that. Instead, we’ll argue something different. We’re arguing that Brady’s looks disguise an essential fact: that he is one, of, if not the, goofiest guy[s] in football.

As you’ll see in the photos below, the evidence has been piled up in front of us all along. But for the longest time, we wrote it off as something different: that it was simply Brady showing off. He knows he can do whatever he wants: he’s three-time super Bowl champion/future Hall of Famer/current handsome man Tom Brady. Therefore he can wear and do all sorts of things us regular folk could never get away with, and he’s decided to flaunt that in all of our faces.

But what if that’s not it? What if he wears this stuff (and in some cases, does this stuff) because he actually, genuinely thinks it’s cool? What if he’s not actually trying to get away with anything, and he just does anyway because again, he’s Tom Brady? We’ll leave it to you to decide, but we think you’ll find some compelling evidence for the latter here…