SPORTSGRID EXCLUSIVE: Screenshots Of Tom Brady And Peyton Manning’s Text Messages To Each Other

  • Matt Rudnitsky

NOTE: This was originally published back in November, but with a potential Brady-Manning rematch in the AFC Championship game, I thought it was more than appropriate for a New Year’s Day re-post. I hope you enjoy it, despite its stupidity. Happy New Year!

Peyton Manning Tom Brady

This morning, we found out that Tom Brady and Peyton Manning text each other frequent tips on how to beat opposing defenses. So, I called a couple of my buddies at the NSA, and obtained actual texts sent between the pair. Here they are. They end with texts from this morning, two days before the big Broncos vs. Patriots Sunday Night Football matchup!

(Note: We assume you can tell this is satire. If not, seek help. Also, I’m not entirely sure why Tom Brady texts like a 12-year-old, but just go with it.)