Tom Brady Blew The World’s Handsomest Snot Rocket

  • Glenn Davis

Some predicted that the video you’ll see below would “be on every sports blog [today].” And what kind of sports blog would we be if we didn’t help make that happen? So here, in all its glory: Tom Brady, elite quarterback with elite facial features, produces an elite excretion of mucus from his elite nostrils in the middle of carving up the Colts in elite (24-for-35, 331 yards, three touchdowns, no picks) fashion:

Such form. Such grace. Ryan Gosling or Jon Hamm couldn’t have done it better. A GQ snot rocket if I ever saw one. More proof Brady is head and shoulders above most of his competition – including the quarterback he faced off against yesterday. Andrew Luck’s got potential, sure: but it’s a long way to the top.