Tom Brady Watched Last Year’s Super Bowl Illegally

  • Dan Fogarty

Shame. Shame. Shame. Tom Brady, how could you? You know the NFL supports the controversial SOPA legislation, right? I mean, sure, SOPA itself is ridiculous, but rules are rules, Tom. And even if you in Gisele were in Costa Rica, and your hotel didn’t get The Big Game, you should’ve found something else to do that night. Take her dancing, maybe.

Yes, it’s the sporting biggest event in America. Possibly the biggest event in America. But football isn’t everything, Tom. And even though there was no legal way to stream the game last year, and you probably spent the hour before Packers/Steelers Googling “watch the Super Bowl online free” like countless other American expatriates, you’re an American Patriot, Tom. You’re above such things.

[Shutdown Corner, video via ESPN]