Tom Brady Tells Tim Tebow That Alleged Murder Aaron Hernandez Is ‘A Lot To Handle,’ Tebow Agrees (VIDEO)

  • Zach Berger

Remember when Tim Tebow was actually a starting quarterback in the NFL? Me neither. But it happened in the 2011 season when he was still with the Denver Broncos. In Week 15 of that season, when the Broncos played the Patriots, NFL’s Sound FX mic’d up players from both teams and caught an interesting post-game conversation between Tebow and Tom Brady.

Here it is:

Did you catch that? Right before they part ways, Brady tells Tebow that he’s been looking after Brandon Spikes and Aaron Hernandez, both college teammates of Tebow at the University of Florida. Tebow says that they’re good guys, but Brady counters that “they’re a lot to handle.” Tebow agreed with him.

Maybe Brady was just joking around and being sarcastic and personable and perfect like he always is. Or maybe Aaron Hernandez really was a lot to handle and this was foreshadowing for the murder that he allegedly committed! How did the Patriots not see it coming!?